Dirty Silverware

Posted:June 17, 2021 | Tags: #hospitality #foodservice #cateringbusiness #foodindustry

A lost fork, a practical lesson in hospitality.

Spoiler alert, while the fork in this post might be viewed as a metaphor it was also a tangible, real-life example of the power of the hospitality experience!
Last Saturday was a HOT one! 90+ degrees in the shade and not a cloud in sight. The scene was a prestigious 250-acre horse farm / polo ground. The event, a wedding for a lovely couple and 60 of their closest friends and relatives. The bride said Yes, everyone enjoyed the cocktail...

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Fight the lizard brain

Posted:March 4, 2021 | Tags: #sethgodin #hospitalityindustry #foodserviceindustry #catering #keyaccountmanagement

Starting” is where our thoughts turn into ideas. Energy creates movement, its channeled in a direction and Voila! We are off to the races.

I find that starting little things is easy. Bigger things, not so much.

Starting is the first step on the journey towards doing something. Starting something takes guts. It takes vision. Our brains tell us it’s too risky, it’s too early (or late), too difficult, or maybe it’s just 2:30! Those little voices in our head can often psyche us out of...

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Restaurant recovery, career search & the intangible benefits of pro bono work..

Posted:February 24, 2021 | Tags: #hospitalityindustry #foodserviceindustry #catering #keyaccountmanagement

Always answer your phone. I’ve learned that good things can happen when you do so.

An amazing opportunity came my way several weeks ago when I was asked to join a local nonprofit team dedicated to supporting the beleaguered hospitality industry. We’ve all seen the empty dining rooms, bars, cafes and catering venues. Operating these businesses was hard enough. They needed a pandemic like a tooth extraction! Such a challenging time to be a foodservice operator.

Taking the lead on engagement,...

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Business Plan 2021

Posted:December 7, 2020 | Tags: #foodservice #foodandbeverage #keyaccountmanagement

The crippling effects of Covid19 on our industry and society in general have been well catalogued. While the full story remains a work in progress it has become pretty clear that this is (at the very least) the SECOND greatest story ever told! When did we first begin to hear about the “Corona virus”? How much longer will we focus all of our personal & professional energy on Covid19?  I can't say for certain but will share that I have definitely had my fill of the daily briefing!  Figured...

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Notes from the “Socially Distant”

Posted:April 23, 2020 | Tags: #foodservice #hospitality #restaurant #clientrelations

45 days into this mandated distancing program I find myself battling emotions, considering broad reaching changes to industries and looking for that crystal ball I seem to have misplaced. Busy formulating thoughts on the importance of experience and authenticity my worldview (and focus) quickly changed as my vocabulary expanded to include terms like “social distancing” and “flattening the curve”. Covid 19 had officially become the most critical thing, business issue, talked about topic,...

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