Who’s representing YOUR brand?

Posted:May 21, 2019 | Tags: #hospitality


Hire for attitude, train for skills? Ok, AND let's also acknowledge the importance of hiring/retaining the RIGHT staffers.

We’ve all experienced the emergency need to fill a position YESTERDAY. People abandon jobs, experience life changing events, and sometimes leave for that extra $.50 cents an hour down the street.

Just need a warm body to fill in a blank on the staffing chart?

Running a seasonal business and just looking to get through the next 2 months?

Be cautious and think twice...

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Posted:March 28, 2019

Meet John Wiese. His official title is CEO but he’s an operator at heart. This guys’ a 2nd generation family fisherman from Alaska who’s probably more comfortable wearing foul weather gear on one of his boats than he is wearing a business suit! I had the pleasure of meeting John on a recent trip to Boston. Sourcing and serving great products are passions of mine, and meeting guys like John, who share similar values and have figured out how to run profitable enterprises in a high quality,...

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Fall Farm Tour Update

Posted:November 28, 2018 | Tags: hennypennyfarmct

I grew up in the city and wouldn’t recognize a farmer if one drove a tractor down Main Street wearing overalls and a big straw hat. Farmers grew vegetables and raised chickens somewhere out in the country. Early to bed, early to rise. That sort of thing.

Fast forward a few years and I’m baking my way through high school, training with European master chefs & expanding my worldview through the lens of the hospitality industry. That same city boy who wouldn’t know the business end of a...

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Quality First!

Posted:October 29, 2018 | Tags: Fryborg.com

Inspired chefs have a knack for taking great quality products & simple preparations to the next level. Jonathan Gibbons does just this with his newly minted Fryborg Restaurant menu concept. Smack dab in the center of sleepy little Devon, CT lies this storefront sandwich joint worth visiting!

Jonathan’s concept centers on traditional Belgian Frites (classically prepared French Fries in case ya didn’t know), unique sandwich combinations & CT’s favorite smoked sausage, the Hummel’s hot dog!...

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Embracing our Differences

Posted:September 19, 2018

I'm honored to once again serve local CT residents living with disabilities.  The Knights of Columbus will be out in force this weekend raising funds for Sunrise Cottage, St. Catherine's Academy & the Special Olympics.  These charities help people to overcome obstacles that limit their ability to function independently.  Through their works I've come to recognize how much I take for granted every day. Big shout out to Matt Hossan & Brian Martin (center and right of photo) for their energy &...

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